Posted by Uptown Stitch Girl on Sep 15th 2019

First, please check the label on the garment to make sure you can apply heat. For leather items and other delicate material hand or machine stitching is recommended.

Using a home iron –

Set your iron to the high heat or cotton temperature setting. Turn off the steam.

Lay your garment as flat as possible, and place a cloth such as a pillow case over the material you are going to attach the patch to. Press the area for about 10 seconds to heat  the area where you will place the patch.

Place the patch on the heated area and place your pillow case or cloth over the patch; press firmly for about 10-20 seconds. 

Turn the garment over and do the same for the under side. This will allow you to heat the glue on the back of the patch directly.

Allow the garment to cool before handling as the glue will be hot!

Using a heat press-

As with the home iron, please make sure your garment will be able to withstand 300-400 degree temperatures. Depending on the garment type, you may need to lower the temperature.

Preheat the garment for about 10 seconds, and with medium pressure press patch for 15-20 seconds (depending on the garment.)

Place the patch on the heated surface and cover with your cloth or pillow case.

Turn the garment over and press the glue side about 10 more seconds. Allow it to cool before handling.

If you apply too much pressure with the heat press you may flatten the patch depending on the design.

Cotton cloths or cotton pillow cases work best for covering the patches.

You can machine stitch around the edges of the patch even after applying the heat. This will assure after many washings the patch with stay attached longer.

Thank you for your business!