Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. At no time will your private information be shared or sold.

  • With the exception of your credit card information, your contact information - name, address, email and telephone number will be securely stored securely in our database.
  • We do not keep credit card information on our servers. Your payments are processed via Paypal's gateway and secured.
  • Your private information will only be used to complete the order you have placed.
  • We do not send out mass emails to customers. Emails are sent individually when necessary, and newsletters will only be sent to those who sign up for them. You may uncheck the newsletter box at any time while placing your order or creating an account.
  • When creating an account, if you need assistance please use the "Contact Us" form for inquiries.
  • Your information will be removed from our database upon written request.
  • If you forget your password to your account, please sign in with username, click on "forgot password". You will be sent an email and a link to follow to reset your password.
  • You will receive emails in regards to orders, site changes, and important information concerning this site only.