Women/Teen Size Denim Unisex 100% Cotton Face Mask

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Women/Teen Size Denim Unisex 100% Cotton Face Mask - Measures 9-inches in length and 6-inches wide (nose to chin). 3 layer mask contains outside fabric, cotton and polypropylene, non-woven, quick drying, resistant to water, fade resistant, wicks away moisture, spun bond UV resistant fabric on the inside.

Hand stitched pipe cleaner insert across the nose bridge. This helps to keep your glasses from fogging by pressing the pipe cleaner to the shape of your nose bridge. If you find it uncomfortable it can easily be removed by snipping the stitches around the insert.

NOTE: This is NOT a medical grade face mask. Social distancing, hand washing and other CDC recommendations should still be followed to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Uptown Stitch Girl makes no claims implied or otherwise that this mask will prevent any type of illness.

It is best to have more than one mask handy so you will always have a clean one. It is not recommended to reuse this mask without washing between wearing. Hand wash recommended but gentle cycle machine washing is fine as well. No bleach!