Hayabusa (Red/Black/White) Custom Fleece Rice Heating Pad

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Hayabusa (Red/Black/White) Custom Fleece Rice Heating Pad - W:8.00 X H:9.00. Weight - 1lb-6.2 ounces.

Great for traveling and gifting for college students, bikers, grandparents, veterans, or anyone who needs the warmth and soothing heat provided. Well made to last!

This rice heat pack is made by a chronic pain sufferer to ease moderate to severe body pain. Moist heat penetrates painful muscles much deeper than dry heat. When this heat pack is applied to painful areas, you can actually feel the moisture on your skin as it soothes injured muscles. Much safer than electric heating pads, and gets more heat to where you need it most. No wires to twist or cause injury.

The cover is made with double sided, anti-pill fleece.  The inside is covered with iron on fleece to give the heat pack a more padded and softer feel against your skin.

The rice packs are made with various cotton materials, sewn and hand stitched. They are stitched twice around to insure that there is no spillage of the rice contents. The rice is unscented white rice.

Each item will include microwave heating instructions for safe use. The rice pack may also be used as a cold pack.

Removable covers should be hand washed only in mild detergent (no bleach!). If machine washed, please use gentle cycle. Dry on low heat.

NOTE: Size and weight may differ according to type of fabric and embroidery used for each item. Monitor colors may be off slightly as well.

NOTE: Color selections are for thread color on name tags only. The tag will be embroidered on a black or white background. Please add note on order specifying the name for the tag. Fonts are my choice to make sure they fit. The word "Hayabusa"color can match the chosen color of your name tag. Please do not choose a light color that will blend in with white.

NOTE: To add a name tag, please check the NAME TAG box, and ADD $5.00 to your order.

Bikers get aches and pains from riding their bikes. College students get bumped and bruised playing sports. Little tykes have those “boo boo” days, and our treasured Vets come home with injuries that need soothing. No matter who you are, you will find yourself reaching for your heat pack on those days when you need a little personal comfort. Enjoy!

 Due to the personal use of the packs, only defective items from workmanship may be returned for an exchange only of the same item. The item must be in same new condition as received by customer. Requests for returns much be made within 7-10 business days. Please contact Uptown Stitch Girl for details. Customer is responsible for return ship fee.